US denies asylum to anyone who enter the country illegally




Under Joe Biden’s leadership, the US government is swiftly using its power to deny asylum to individuals who enter the country illegally.

In an effort to utilize executive action to address the border crisis following the failure of a bipartisan proposal earlier this year, Biden revealed the expansive executive action on Tuesday afternoon, June 4, at the White House.

With only a few weeks until the first presidential debate, Biden is attempting to utilize the same power that former President Donald Trump attempted to wield while in office to obtain the upper hand on immigration.

During a White House speech, Biden stated that he was forced to take executive action by Republicans in Congress who had obstructed a bipartisan border agreement.

“I’m utilizing the executive powers at my disposal as president to address the border on my own, and I’m moving past Republican obstruction,” Biden declared.


In contrast to decades-long tradition, the new executive decree prohibits migrants who enter the country illegally from requesting asylum when a daily threshold is reached. Migrants will be sent away to Mexico or sent back to their country of origin unless they qualify for specific exemptions.

According to a Homeland Security official, border agents saw about 3,500 illegal migrants on Monday, surpassing the threshold required for the executive action to take effect.


The Biden administration and Homeland Security officials have continuously faced difficulties due to the volume of individuals entering the country illegally.

At the US-Mexico border, less than 4,000 migrants have been arrested per day as of late.

This restriction does not apply to unaccompanied minors, victims of severe forms of trafficking, anyone posing an immediate and serious threat to their life or safety, or those experiencing an acute medical emergency.

Since there’s no other way to genuinely improve the current dysfunctional system, I would have much rather addressed this issue through bipartisan legislation. to increase the number of judges, asylum officials, and Border Patrol agents employed. However, Republicans have given me no other option,” Biden stated while giving his remarks in the White House East Room.

In response to criticism from progressives and others who compared the action to those made under Trump, the president reacted.

“To some who argue that the measures I’ve taken are excessively stringent, I respond with patience; the goodwill of the American people is currently eroding. It is not an option to do nothing. We must take action. Acting in accordance with our principles and the law is vital. Our American ideals. He remarked, “I’m taking these actions today to ensure that we continue to be who we are as Americans—not to turn away from who we are as people.

Biden also chastised Trump outright.

“I refuse to label immigrants as poisoners or demonize them in any way.”the nation’s blood. Furthermore, at the border, I will never take away a child from their family. I will not bar anyone from entering this nation on the basis of their religious convictions. As my predecessor claims he’ll do if he holds this position again, I will not employ the US military to enter neighborhoods across the nation and forcibly remove millions of people from their homes and families, placing them in detention centers while they await deportation, Biden declared.

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