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2023 Election

Voters protest the lack of House of Representatives ballots.



In Kubwa, Abuja, at Polling Unit 26 of the Open Space Dreamy School, some voters demonstrated against the lack of ballot paper for the House of Representatives elections.

Just about 195 eligible voters out of the approximately 365 registered voters in the polling unit were called for accreditation and voting when the Presiding Officer declared that they had run out of ballot paper for the House of Representatives.


Even among the 195, several people who had signed their names down earlier reportedly went home before returning to fulfill their civic duty.

Several voters objected, arguing that the number of ballots for each seat should match the number of registered voters, when the lady Presiding Officer said that the number of ballots for the House of Representatives election had been exhausted.


One of the voters demanded that before he would go, he needed to be given the ballot for the post.

Some voters stated that they would stay at the voting location until the exercise was complete in order to learn the number that will be announced.

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