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2023 Election

Warri Boys Association demands that INEC conduct a perfect election process.



THE Warri Boys Social & Welfare Society, a.k.a. “Warri Boys Association,” has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to leave no stone unturned in order to hold free and fair Gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly Elections.

According to the group’s President, Matthew Ogagaworia, the recently concluded Presidential Elections, which witnessed the declaration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC as President-Elect, are being contested not only by partisans but also by credible observers.


The group also observed that late arrival of election officials and materials at many polling units, technical issues with the Bi-modal verification system (BVAS), violence and intimidation of voters, poor staff understanding of election day processes, and failure to transmit results at polling unit levels by the Commission upon declaration of results by the Presiding Officers nearly ruined the election.

“We have attentively monitored the preparations for the upcoming,” he stated. More specifically, the Elections preparations by and its recent statement that the previously scheduled elections for March 18, 2023.


“We cannot disregard the fact that results of the elections have been vehemently challenged and protested, not just by partisans but also by competent observers.

“These factors contributed to a loss of public trust and confidence in the ensuing results.”


“The aforementioned shortcomings calls to question the preparedness of INEC to conduct elections that is transparent and seen to be transparent, leaving no room to dispute its conduct.

“The Association therefore calls on INEC to step up its game so that it can cope with reducing late arrival of election materials and presiding officers; ensuring that preparations have been made for proper lighting of Polling Units to allow voting and vote counting late at night if necessary; prompt fixing of any technical glitch in the e BVAS machines; and ensuring that its iReV website is in a position to receive polling unit declared, uploaded results, ensuring that polling unit declared, uploaded results are posted.


“Our Organization is of the opinion that, where these corrective measures are put in place prior to the election, threats to the lives of INEC officials, particularly of the Young Coppers who work as ad hoc personnel, would be significantly reduced, if not entirely eliminated.

“We also take note of the fact that the upcoming elections for the State Houses of Assembly and the Governorship provide our voters yet another chance to cast their ballots for candidates who will support the aspirations and desires of the average person at the State level.


It is important to note that there is dejection due to unemployment, the vulnerability of our youth to crimes motivated by inactivity, a lack of state support, deteriorating infrastructure, a weak governance structure, corruption, a decline in social and ethical values within the family and in society at large, insecurity, avarice, kidnapping, armed robbery, and general criminality throughout the United States.



In order to vote for a leadership team that can give them hope by demonstrating the path to wealth creation through establishment of the proper fiscal and legal frameworks, opening up the space for youth employment and poverty alleviation, our people across the various States of Nigeria, especially in our beloved Delta State, are encouraged to turn out in large numbers on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

We must remind the political parties, their candidates, and their supporters before we conclude that elections must be decided with our fingertips, not our blood. In order to avoid name-calling, the candidates and their supporters must be careful with their language and maintain their attention on the important topics.


“It should also be emphasized that there will always be a winner and a loser in an election. While the Candidates intend to win, they must also be aware that they could lose. As a result, they should keep in mind that the laws governing the elections provide avenues for settling disputes through the legal system.

“Finally, the Association calls on INEC to do everything in its power to prevent the flaws seen in the March 11, 2023 Presidential Polls, as well as to foresee potential gaps and give advance guidance to its team to deliver smooth, credible, and acceptable elections come March 18, 2023 during the Gubernatorial and States Houses of Assembly Elections.

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