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El-Rufai is inciting Nigerians to resist Buhari’s orders, claims Bwala in the Naira Swap



Daniel Bwala, the PDP-spokesperson, PCC’s has accused Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, of stirring up opposition among Nigerians to President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive on the currency swap policy.

In a national broadcast on Thursday, President Buhari ordered that the old N200 banknotes continue to be in use until April 10 and that the old N500 and N1,000 bills stop being accepted as legal cash.


El-Rufai, however, criticized the President’s order in a subsequent broadcast and instructed natives of Kaduna to keep using the old notes, citing a Supreme Court ruling that had blocked the central bank from prohibiting their usage.

Appearing on Channels Television’s The 2023 Verdict show on Friday, Bwala claimed that El-Rufai had previously disobeyed court orders and was therefore unqualified to criticize Buhari for allegedly doing so.


“Governor El-Rufai addressed the people of Kaduna State and, by extension, the APC members across the federation of Nigeria, urging them to defy the president’s directives because he serves as a symbol of the nation’s sovereignty.

As the FCT Minister, El-Rufai “disobeyed all court decisions and demolished buildings,” Bwala charged. “The El-Rufai that is urging Nigerians to rise against the government because the government violate orders, let me tell you, El-Rufai did.”


The APC hasn’t shown any real concern for Nigerians in the last eight years, according to the PDP campaign spokesperson. He suggested that their behavior, which gives the impression that “they care,” is an afterthought.

Bwala, who adheres to the school of thinking that holds that the APC wants to appear to be sensitive of Nigerians so that they can be elected, labeled it a ruse to fool the populace.


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