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I’m Going To Use ‘Area Boys’ In Lagos As Positive Tools – Jandor



Abdul-Azeez Adediran, also known as Jandor, is the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for governor of Lagos State, and he has pledged to transform the state’s notorious “area boys” into useful resources.

He claimed that by doing this, the security in the state as a whole and near corridors where there are garages will be improved.


“I’ve said it time and time again: I can turn them (the area lads) into tools, but a useful one, especially the ones we gave our parking spaces to in the name of the garage. You’ll see that whenever there is traffic in that corridor, you’ll see individuals robbing our citizens there. Therefore, I’ll inform whoever is in charge of that garage that I’ll take the garage away from them the day I witness anyone robbing individuals in this hallway. You’ll observe that they will sit up because they don’t want to loose the money they are making in the garage. During the Sunday ThePlatform discussion amongst the contenders for governor of Lagos, Jandor stated that this is one weapon we may use to convert people to.

Additionally, the PDP candidate declared that he would implement what he dubbed “intellectual community policing.” According to him, doing this will enable the government to gather information from residents of the entire state and take appropriate action to stop security breaches.


He continued by saying that in order to make sure this plan succeeds, he will seek to establish trust with the populace and reassure them that the government will act on any information they submit.

Jandor stated that taking preventative measures as opposed to pursuing criminals after crimes take place is the greatest strategy to combat insecurity in the state. He continued by saying that the government could always intervene to stop any sort of insecurity if it had the proper information at the right moment.


Regarding the state’s traffic congestion, the PDP flag bearer claimed that some of the problem locations didn’t need infrastructure upgrades but rather the government’s commitment.

He said that all the crossroads on the Lekki-Epe Expressway need flyovers and that he would install them if elected governor. He claimed that several intersections that experience continual traffic jams simply need to be removed in order for traffic to flow freely.


Along with automating the process of obtaining bed spaces at general hospitals in the state, Jandor also pledged to work with the 5,000 registered private schools, churches, and mosques in the state to ensure that the number of children missing school is decreased.


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