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In Ilorin, a police officer kills himself and a woman friend.



In Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, a mobile police sergeant shot himself in the head after killing his alleged female acquaintance.

According to information obtained, the terrible incident that happened on Thursday took place on the grounds of the Chapel of Redemption, UMCA in Ilorin, which houses Redemption Model Nursery and Primary School.


The state police command reported that the MOPOL sergeant, whose name could not yet be confirmed as of publication, had been assigned to the Kwara State Government House in Ilorin as one of the security agents.

Residents and business owners in the area around the school said that the police officer had been pursuing his dead female companion around the school grounds for a while before to the shooting and killing on Thursday morning.


Additionally, he was reported to have gone to the deceased female friend’s family home in Erin Ile Road, Gaa Akanbi, a few days earlier, when he allegedly attacked the deceased woman with a cutlass due to an apparent misunderstanding between the two.

Also, it was learned that the deceased MOPOL sergeant arrived on the school grounds in his brand-new Toyota Corolla automobile a few minutes before his female acquaintance, who arrived with her daughter at a later time.


Tosin was the only name given to the deceased woman friend and mother.

According to reports, the policeman pulled out his AK-47 weapon and shot Tosin three times in the chest before she passed away instantly.


The MOPOL sergeant reportedly cocked the weapon once again, set the rifle on the ground, pointed it at his throat, and used his leg to pull the trigger just before his head was blasted off with the single shot, killing him instantly.

In a statement titled RE: KILLING OF A LADY AND SELF BY A POLICE SERGEANT IN ILORIN, the state police command’s police public relations officer (PPRO), Okasanmi Ajayi, responded to the development by saying that the incident was the result of a love affair gone wrong and had “nothing to do with police brutality.”


“On March 2, 2023, at approximately 8:05 a.m., word arrived at the command that a man wearing a police uniform had been seen. He was later recognized by his outfit and name tag as F/NO 497093. At the Chapel of Redemption Agba Dam housing community in Ilorin, Sergeant Olalere Michael “Male,” later confirmed as belonging to the 15 PMF, shot and killed an unidentified woman before shooting himself in the head and died.

The Kwara State Commissioner of Police, CP Paul Odama, psc+, sent a team of police officers and detectives to the scene as soon as the information reached the command. The corpses were recovered and sent to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, where the bodies were pronounced dead.


The leadership wants it to be known that the fatal occurrence was the result of a love affair gone wrong and had nothing to do with police misconduct.

The investigation into this terrible situation is still ongoing, and as soon as it is finished, a report will be made public.


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