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Israel and Hezbollah of Lebanon exchange fire for a third day.



Tuesday saw a new round of rocket firing from south Lebanon toward Israel, which sparked Israeli attacks on Hezbollah positions and retaliatory fire, making it the third day in a row that tensions along the border have been high.

After Hamas militants launched an unprecedented multifaceted onslaught on Israel’s southern border from the blockaded Gaza Strip over the weekend, the rocket launch, which was not immediately acknowledged, occurred.


According to the official National News Agency (NNA) of Lebanon, “rockets were fired from… southern Lebanon towards the Galilee” region in northern Israel.

The rockets were launched from the town of Qlaileh, which is situated in the south Lebanon region of Tyre, according to a Lebanese military source who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.


IDF (army) personnel are currently retaliating with artillery fire in reaction to the launches that have been recognized from Lebanese land toward Israeli territory, according to Israeli forces.

In reaction to the missile firing, Israeli army tanks destroyed “two observation posts” of Hezbollah, the military said on X, formerly Twitter, adding that Israel is prepared “for all scenarios in all arenas”.


The army added that another Hezbollah observation post was hit by one of its helicopters in retaliation for a “anti-tank missile launched from Lebanon toward a military vehicle.”

Hezbollah, a group supported by Iran in Lebanon, said in a statement that its fighters “hit an Israeli armored personnel carrier with two guided missiles” in “reaction to Israeli attacks” on a number of the group’s observation positions.”


The exchange of gunfire on Tuesday occurs one day after three Hezbollah fighters were reportedly killed by Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon.

UNIFIL, which serves as a stopgap between Israel and Lebanon, declared that it was in communication with both parties “to de-escalate this very dangerous situation.”


The NNA stated that areas targeted included the bordering village of Dhayra but that there were no immediate indications of injuries on the Lebanese side.

Israeli fire reportedly also hit areas further west in Kfarshuba and close to the contentious Shebaa Farms, according to an AFP photographer.


A few hours earlier, AFP reporters in northern Israel’s Goren region observed soldiers manning checkpoints and deploying tanks.

“This place is stressful. A resident of Kalanit in northern Israel named Yaakov Regev, 67, described the atmosphere as very awful and akin to a combat situation.


Aharon Hillel, 62, from Alma, a border town, declared, “We are not afraid.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and other groups are unimportant to us, he remarked, referring to both organizations.


“To us, they are dust, insignificant,” he continued.

Hezbollah said on Monday that it had attacked two Israeli barracks in retaliation for Israeli attacks that had claimed the lives of three of its members.


Additionally on Monday, Israel’s army reported that its troops had “killed a number of armed suspects” who had allegedly crossed the border from Lebanon.

The armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization, which asserts to be fighting Israel alongside Hamas, claimed responsibility for the unsuccessful infiltration attempt.


Hezbollah claimed to have launched artillery shells and guided missiles at Israel on Sunday “in solidarity” with operations carried out by its affiliate Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military claimed it responded by firing artillery into southern Lebanon.


In a 34-day conflict in 2006 between Hezbollah and Israel, more than 1,200 people died in Lebanon, largely civilians, and 160 people died in Israel, mostly soldiers. Technically, the two nations are still at war.

Hezbollah has been cautioned by Israel and the US not to take part in the conflict with Gaza.


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