July 24, 2024

Suspected killers of a Zamfara journalist and two others paraded by police

In connection with the murder of seasoned journalist Hamisu Danjibga in the state, the Zamfara State Police Command has paraded two suspects, Mansur Haruna and Ibrahim Nababa.

“The son of Danjibga’s older brother is the main suspect. He shared a home in Gusau with the late Danjibga. However, Alhaji Danjibga refused, saying, “No, with the type of criminal tendencies I’m seeing in you, I’ll never be a guarantor for you to join the Nigerian Army.” He had intended to join the army.

He was expelled from Alhaji Danjibga’s home and went to stay with his friend Ibrahim Nababa. They made their plans for how to kidnap Danjibga at a friend’s residence. When the plan was complete, they went to his residence and encountered him there. They tried to remove him from the house, but he resisted.

“You, my son, are the one who wants to treat me in this way, he added. I won’t be moving anyplace. The boy pulled out a knife at that same moment and stabbed the boy in the chest three times. His friend, who was armed with a cutlass, struck him twice on the head. He died quickly after falling there. They carried his body and placed it in an Islamiyya school’s soakaway, the commissioner claimed.

A suspected bandit who is known for transporting military equipment from Aba in Abia State to a bandits’ haven in the Kaura-Namoda Local Government Area of Zamfara State was also detained by the police.

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