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In 48 hours, the Lagos government seizes more than 200 unregistered vehicles.




Over 200 unregistered and unpainted automobiles have been seized by the Lagos State Government during a renewed operation throughout the state.


The team from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, or LASTMA, lead by Sola Giwa, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, carried out the crackdown operation.

Giwa claims that the crew has seized more than 200 unregistered and unpainted automobiles in the last 48 hours.


According to him, the action was taken as part of a proactive effort to improve road safety, security, and industry regulation.

Giwa, who made this announcement on Tuesday in Alausa, Ikeja, emphasized that unregistered vehicles constitute a serious threat to road safety and security since they frequently fail to comply with necessary inspections and rules, endangering their ability to travel on the road.


He added that the enforcement effort is intended to address the problem by making sure that all vehicles on Lagos State roads adhere to the requisite licensing and registration standards.

The enforcement exercise, Giwa continued, has uncovered that specific transportation firms operating along the CMS, Obalende, Ajah, and Ojo Cantonment corridors have been operating their fleet of vehicles without the necessary paperwork.


“The State Government takes this issue seriously and will make such businesses liable for their deeds. He promised that “transport companies found operating without the proper documentation will face legal repercussions.”

Giwa emphasized the significance of car registration and adherence to traffic laws, saying that impounded vehicles wouldn’t be freed until they were legally registered and complied with all the safety requirements.


However, he reaffirmed the state government’s unshakable dedication to raising road safety standards and making sure all transport providers follow the law.

The present crackdown is one of the State Government’s initiatives, according to Giwa, to build safer and more effective transportation infrastructure in Lagos State.






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