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Killing an Akwa Ibom woman in Libya, a Nigerian couple dumps her body at the Nigerian embassy



An Akwa Ibom woman named Happiness Monday was killed in Libya, and a Nigerian couple have been detained in connection with the crime.
According to Naija News, Oyiza, a Nigerian sports journalist who had recently returned from Libya, had previously announced the tragic event on her social media page.

The woman was allegedly murdered by the suspects, who then dumped her body in the street close to the Nigerian Embassy in Tripoli.


Oyiza went on to say that Happiness passed away at the hospital and asked for assistance from the public in identifying her relative.

“My dearest Akwa Ibomites,” she wrote. Introducing your daughter, Happy Monday. At the Libyan capital of Tripoli’s Nigerian Embassy, she had been left for dead. Regrettably, she passed away in the hospital. She must be buried, but nothing can be done without her family’s approval.


Please let us know who she is, or share with various Akwa Ibom platforms so we can contact any family members. It’s urgent, and I would appreciate it if you could

If you can help her, she can get her last rest. She only provided her name as information.


However, the Libya Observer confirmed the incident in a report on Wednesday, April 13, 2023, stating that the police had detained the couple in Tripoli.


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