July 21, 2024

APC Announces When Tinubu Will Return To Nigeria: “It’s A Work Rest”

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has come out to speak about Bola Tinubu’s health and when he would be entering the country as the concern over his health among electors grows.
According to Naija News, APC National Publicity Secretary Felix Morka said on Thursday that the incoming president is doing great and will soon return home.

He claims that Tinubu is taking a break from work in Europe because he couldn’t have done so in Nigeria.

As voter concern over Bola Tinubu’s health increases, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has come out to discuss his health and when he would be entering the country.
The incoming president is doing well and will soon return home, according to Felix Morka, the APC’s national publicity secretary, who spoke on Thursday, according to Naija News.

Because he couldn’t do so in Nigeria, he asserts, Tinubu is taking a break from his work while he is in Europe.

“He (Tinubu) is fine,” he said. He simply decided to take a break after the elections and all of the energy spent.

“There won’t be any dulling once he returns and takes office on May 29; he’ll be tasked with managing a vast and complex nation like Nigeria.

“I am aware that he will return to the nation soon.

“It is working rest because even when he is taking a break, he is taking the time to connect with other country’s leaders who are important to the agenda he is bringing into his new government.

Therefore, he is not sleeping in his bed; instead, he regularly meets with a variety of people who are coming to see him in advance of his inauguration. It is therefore a working visit.
You may remember that in March, Tunde Rahman, Tinubu’s spokesman, disclosed that his principal had traveled to Paris, France, to rest and perform the lesser hajj.

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