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Martin Odegaard of Arsenal responds to Rodri’s forceful tackling of Man City



Following Rodri’s forceful tackle on him, Martin Odegaard claims that Norway’should have had a penalty’ against Spain.

The first Euro 2024 qualifiers for their nations took place on Saturday, featuring the Premier League title rivals.


Spain won 3-0 to take first place in Group C.

When 32-year-old ex-Newcastle player Joselu scored twice in a short period of time on his debut, the game took an intriguing turn.


The tackle that Manchester City player Rodri made on Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard, though, made headlines after the game.

The Spaniard attacked the Gunners talisman inside the box by sliding in and hacking him down.


The Arsenal talisman was shocked and incensed when the Man City midfielder avoided punishment for his challenge.

As he hinted in the post-game interview, he wasn’t too happy with either the decision or the tackle.


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I’m pretty sure I should have received a penalty, he told TV2. He’s coming straight for my ankle with his studs.


But if I say any more, I’m sure I’ll be punished. I stop talking about the referee at this point. It is better to remain silent.

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