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2023 Election

Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan Disapproves of the Senate Election Outcome in Kogi Central



Barr. Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senatorial candidate for Kogi Central, has rejected the results of the senatorial election due to irregularities in the voting process, manipulated results, the cancellation of polling places where she won, and the invasion of numerous polling places by armed thugs loyal to the APC.

Akpoti-Uduaghan said in a statement on Wednesday that the Okene Local Government election was heavily rigged in collusion with the election officials.


She claimed that APC thugs broke into numerous polling places in Okene, chased away voters, and stole ballot boxes that had been filled in private homes.

The Okene Local Government Area was fraudulently rigged with a large number of overvotes by the APC working with INEC officials. The Okene Local Government’s 11 ward results were heavily manipulated.


She claimed that the Kogi State Government and APC officials intimidated and forced the Ajaokuta LGA returning officer to annul 12 polling units in the LGA, which she won with a sizable margin, and declare the results of the 12 polling units inconclusive.

She continued by saying that in the Okehi Local Government Area, APC thugs stormed the three wards of Oboroke Uvete, Oboroke Eba ward I and ii and set 20 voting booths on fire where she had won by a large margin.


Barr. Natasha won Ajaokuta with a 1, 355 vote margin despite the APC’s vote-rigging plot. The 1,355 vote lead in Ajaokuta was compelled to be lowered to 878 votes in order to ensure the apc candidate gets announced at all costs.

“The returning officer for Kogi central senatorial election was coerced to announce APC candidate as the winner with 365 votes lead,” she claimed. “This is despite the 12 polling units that were forcefully canceled and declared inconclusive in Ajaokuta LGA and the 20 polling units where election did not hold in Oboroke, Okehi local government area.


The good people of Nigeria, according to Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, should be aware that the INEC rules were flagrantly broken in Kogi Central in order to thwart the wishes of the Kogi Central good people.

It should be mentioned that the apc candidate was proclaimed the victor when 20 voting places in Oboroke, Okehi LGA, and 12 polling places in Ajaokuta LGA with a significant number of voters were deemed inconclusive.


The social entrepreneur declared that she was the legitimate winner of the Kogi central senatorial elections in 2023. “Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan rejects the results and asks on INEC to examine the results and recognize her as the rightful winner,” she said.

Barr. In several instances, Natasha stayed steady, showing her appreciation for the good people of Kogi central who came out to vote for her “despite the danger and intimidation” and assured them of regaining their mandate.


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