July 24, 2024

New Investment Platform “WEALTH4LIFE” LEGIT OR SCAM?

Hello, good morning, journalist and reporter. Omoniyi adedeji here,

i have been researching for the past few days about trending ways to make money online and i just so happen to come across this advertisement by big influencers about a platform called “Wealth4life”, i initially thought it was like any other fake investment site where the earlier you join the more you earn and the money likely you won’t get scammed, you know i am referring to other platforms that have crashed and have scammed people especially nigerians out of their life saving and all, to mention a few let’s take a look at the platforms MMM, giftalworld, Rapidgist, AIM777  after reading their Objective and drive, i was convinced that this platform could prove to be faithful and fruitful. lets talk a look at the platform deeply.

The hompage:


now taking a look at the homepage you can see that it is nothing special, it simply makes their ideas standout and heard, You have buttons for whatsapp group which is good, because you will obviously want to see the team or set of individuals in charge of such operation, and right next to that you will see a button that says ” DOWNLOAD ANDROID APP” now this part is good because already this make them standout from the read who only have website and no android apps. lets move onto the next section which is the ” USER DASHBOARD”

The user dashboard:

Now kudos to the developer the user dashboard is clutter free and neat you have your basic option of “investment, balance, 2FA(almost all investment sites in nigeria lack this, this is already good sign), deposit option, withdrawal option, transaction log(this helps you keep track of your money in and out) and support. what is support? support is basically a way for you to contact the admin via ticket, so you create and open a ticket when you have a complaint, experience a bug, or need help in general. overall the dashboard is user-friendly and Organized. let’s take a look at another section now.

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deposit method:

Now according to making the research and blog post they are only 4 known way to deposit in the platform, which are through, opay, kuda, palmpay and Nowpayments, Apart from Nowpayment all other payments methods are Micro finance bank operating in nigeria, Now payment is a crypto payment method to get paid through crypto anonymously. moving along we have the section i am mostly curious about which is the investment plan.

investment plan:

The investment plan comes in 8 section with the prefix, “W4L” which i will assume stands for Wealth4life which is the platform’s name.

now the lowest investment plan here is N1,500( one thousand and five hundred naira) naira and the highest plan is N1,000,000 (one million naira).

According to my research you will receive a certain percent of your investment daily for about 30 days to 90 days, giving you a way to invest and make 2x or double your money and they promise a risk free investment strategy.

now i will only add one more option which is the withdrawal method, and i will give you my honest opinion about the platform.

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withdrawal method:

just as they are 4 deposit methods they are also 4 withdrawal methods, you get to decide the bank you want to fund from or withdraw to. This eradicates the waste of space and or the eleviate the risk of worry if you get paid or not!

here are the support and 2fa screenshots:


Alright now that concludes my detailed research for your all to see and understand the platform.

now my honest take and or review about this platform,

“it definitely has potential to grow and stabilize into a big enterprize or firm but the faces governing and holding control of this platform are masked, we have no idea who they are, we have no idea how long the platform will last as for me, give or take 6 months, can i make money on this platform? yes , absoluetly you can. investment platforms like this, the earlier you join  the more opportunity you have, since the website is starting obviously they will make payout to the first 10,000(ten thousand) people or individuals that invested. is it a scam or ponzi website like the others? that, i do not know, so far the details and the plans are elaborate enough to make them not see fake, this also doesn’t mean the website is real or legit per say.


Going into a platform that says or promises to pay you 2x of your money back is always a risk, just as you are risking your hard earn money to test our the water, the best advice i can give you is that you should bear in mind to only deposit the money you can afford to loose and nothing more, so as to avoid heartbreaks.

Thank you for reading.

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