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Obi woos Katsina voters, promises to combat poverty, and calls for open borders



Prior to the election on February 25th, the presidential candidate made the pledge at the Muhammadu Dikko Stadium. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, made the vow while campaigning in President Muhammadu Buhari’s native state of Katsina.

At the Muhammadu Dikko Stadium on Monday, he reiterated his commitment to establishing peace, combating poverty, and reopening all land borders in the nation for the benefit of its people’s economic well-being.


He asked young people and women in the nation to vote for Labour Party candidates in the next general elections.

“For the previous 24 years, Nigerians have been duped. Please cast your vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming elections, I beg of you. We have promised to put an end to the violence, alleviate the poor, and bring peace back to this nation, he continued.


Prior to the town hall gathering, Obi and his running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed joined other party supporters at the Muhammadu Dikko Stadium. The attendees were largely female supporters and students from the state’s several universities.

Obi reaffirmed his commitment to creating a new Nigeria during the ceremony, promising to do everything in his power to end suffering, eradicate poverty, and remove all IDPs from camps.


“We want to create a Nigeria where people’s lives and property are protected, there are no IDP camps, and your children are safe and attending school. I’ll ask for your help in doing it.

“We want to change the fact that you have been misled for the past 24 years. Let’s create a brand-new Nigeria, he said.


In his speech, Datti gave the assurance that the party has what it takes to put a stop to the ongoing instability and deal with the poverty issue in the nation.

“All problems plaguing the nation are resolved; we will hold your hands as you bid poverty, senseless killings, and kidnapping farewell.


“We are fully equipped to address the regrettable issues. There will be job opportunities, and the economy will be boosted and strengthened.

He told the crowd, “As you witness the condition of poverty and hunger you were plunged into, we are the ones who know how to rescue you.


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