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Players had the “worst preseason ever,” according to Chelsea manager Graham Potter, in the summer.



In an effort to defend his team’s dismal run of results, Graham Potter said the Chelsea team told him they had their “worst pre-season ever” in the summer.

Prior to the £4.25 billion sale to the Todd Boehly-led consortium in May, the previous administration had planned for Chelsea to tour the United States. Thomas Tuchel, a former Chelsea head coach, was in charge of Chelsea during that trip. Potter attributes some of Chelsea’s recent struggles to some of his players’ “subpar” preseasons.


Prior to Sunday’s Premier League trip to Tottenham, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, Potter said, “It’s really tough [to integrate new players and get results].

It’s the toughest job in football, and there are many reasons for that, according to my quote from a few weeks ago.


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Speaking with a few of the more seasoned players, they agreed that for various reasons, this preseason was the worst they had ever experienced. Nobody is to blame because that just happens.


When prompted, he gave the following explanation: “Organisationally, the tour didn’t work as well as they’d like. I can’t say because I wasn’t there.

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