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While promising to back the petition for Arsenal, Neville makes a championship prediction for the Premier League.



Despite the Gunners’ performance, Gary Neville still believes Manchester City will win the Premier League this year instead of Arsenal.

Premier League leaders Arsenal defeated Manchester United 3-2 in a last-second triumph at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, regaining their five-point lead over second-placed Manchester City, who they have a game in hand on.


The Gunners would be on pace for 100 points if they maintained their second-half performance from the first half of the season.

However, despite Arsenal’s outstanding start to the Premier League season, former Manchester United defender Neville believes City will ultimately win the championship.


“I don’t see them going on to win the league, I still think Man City will,” Neville stated on his Sky Sports podcast. I believe City is on an exceptional run and that they will eventually suffer one or two losses this season. They will have City directly on their shoulders, making things very difficult for them, but they have a chance to win the league.

I can’t believe they are even in the chat because I assumed they would be far from winning the league. It’s unbelievable that they’re even in the running for the league title, therefore it’s not a bad thing for me to say that I believe City will take the title since that’s what I believed at the beginning of the season.


I believe City will pursue them, but they are still in the running, which is truly unbelievable for Mikel Arteta because I was so concerned about him at the close of the previous campaign.


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