July 21, 2024

Biden denounces “brutal Russian behavior” following lethal strikes in Ukraine


As he committed to fortify Kyiv’s air defenses, US President Joe Biden denounced a series of Russian missile strikes that claimed at least 38 lives in Ukraine, calling them a “horrific reminder of Russia’s brutality”.

Throughout the nation, at least 190 people have been hurt, some of them were on Monday in a children’s hospital in Kyiv, the capital.
Though analysts who spoke with BBC Verify agreed that Moscow was most likely responsible for the explosion, Russia has denied firing at the hospital in Kyiv.

It happens as Mr. Biden gets ready to host a NATO summit on Tuesday in Washington.
The US president promised that during the meeting, additional improvements to Ukraine’s air defenses will be disclosed.
To commemorate the bloc’s 75th anniversary, leaders from the EU, its partner nations, and the 32 member states of NATO are assembling. Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, is also anticipated to be present.
In response to growing Russian threats, he has been pressuring Western allies to accelerate the delivery of air defenses for months. May was the bloodiest month for civilian casualties in nearly a year, according to UN officials.

The main topics of discussion at the summit will be defense and deterrence in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Although Ukraine is not now a member of NATO, it has requested membership as soon as its conflict with Russia is resolved. Ukraine’s ultimate membership in NATO is “inevitable,” according to outgoing Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, but not until after the conflict.
Russia is adamantly against Ukraine joining the group because it believes doing so would place alliance forces dangerously close to its borders.
“We will be announcing new measures to strengthen Ukraine’s air defences to help protect their cities and civilians from Russian strikes,” Biden stated.

“I will be meeting with President Zelensky to make clear our support for Ukraine is unshakeable.”
What is NATO, and is Ukraine likely to join?
On Tuesday, the UN Security Council will also convene at Ukraine’s request.
Along with Western leaders, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres denounced Russia’s missile assault on Ukraine.
Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, proclaimed July 9 to be a day of sorrow in the wake of the horrific attacks on the city.
May was the bloodiest month for civilian casualties in nearly a year, according to UN officials.

Russia is held responsible by the UN for the fatal hospital explosion.

The largest pediatric facility in Ukraine, Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital, was partially destroyed by a missile, resulting in the deaths of two individuals. On Tuesday morning, the search for survivors beneath the debris was concluded.
The explosion was triggered by a NASAMS air defense missile that misfired, according to foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova. The Kremlin has denied launching the attack.
However, the UN human rights monitoring team in Ukraine stated that there was a strong possibility that the attack on the children’s hospital was orchestrated by Russia.
According to officials, a site examination and video footage showed that a Russian missile had struck the structure squarely.
After analyzing two films that showed a missile hitting the hospital, BBC Verify geolocated each one to verify the attack location.

After watching the video, six munitions specialists came to the unanimous conclusion that the missile was not an air defense missile.
They all agreed that they couldn’t say for sure what kind of weaponry was employed, but they were quite sure it was a Russian missile launched from the air. According to the assertion made by the security services of Ukraine (SBU), four out of the six explicitly alluded to the potential presence of a Russian Kh-101 missile. The organization declared on Tuesday that it had “unequivocal” proof that Russia was responsible for the assault.
One expert, speaking to the BBC, specifically mentioned the missile’s small turbofan engine at the back, pointing out that it was consistent with the Kh-101.

President Zelensky referred to the incident as “brutal” and termed Russian President Vladimir Putin a “bloody criminal”.
Images taken at the site of the explosion at the organ transplant and cancer treatment center in Kyiv showed kids waiting to be evacuated while strapped up to IV drips outside the damaged building.
According to Mr. Zelensky, Russia fired more than 40 missiles on Monday, causing damage to about a hundred structures in Kryvyi Rih, his hometown, Dnipro, Sloviansk, and Kyiv.
New US-made Patriot air defense systems are a dire necessity, according to his government in Kiev. However, Western leaders have shown little willingness to give up any more of the few such surface-to-air batteries dispersed throughout the NATO.

After a day of Russian airstrikes, Ukraine is in mourning.
Sir Keir Starmer, the newly appointed prime minister of the United Kingdom, denounced the attack as “the most depraved of actions” as well.
One of the most important Western supporters of Ukraine has been Britain, and Sir Keir has promised that his new government will continue to back Kyiv. On the fringes of the NATO meeting, he is scheduled to visit President Biden at the White House on Wednesday.
The Kremlin would be “extremely closely” monitoring the event, Mr. Peskov told the BBC.

“It is an alliance which has repeatedly and openly declared that its aim is to deliver Russia a strategic defeat on the battlefield,” Peskov said.
A power substation in the Rostov region, which borders Ukraine, was on fire, according to Russian officials, following drone attacks throughout the night.
According to the regional governor, Ukraine launched attacks yesterday that resulted in 20 injuries and four fatalities.

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