July 23, 2024

Govs and lawmakers continue to travel in endless convoys despite the removal of subsidies, according to TUC

Festus Osifo, the president of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), claims that government officials have not shown cost savings because they continue to travel in “endless convoys” notwithstanding the effects of the elimination of gasoline subsidies on the general public.

“For instance, convoys. Governors, as you can see, continue to conduct themselves in the same manner. On Wednesday’s episode of Politics Today on Channels Television, Osifo remarked, “You see the new legislatures, you see their convoys, it’s endless.”

In addition, Osifo criticized the cost of governance while highlighting the declining capital spending.

“Today, we continue to import a wide variety of cars from throughout the globe, but some of them are made in Nigeria. He asked, “Why can’t you make policies that would support the manufacturing industry and lower the cost of government?

According to Osifo, Labour advocated a minimum salary increase from N30,000 to N200,000 because it believed the government would float the naira and let market forces determine the value of the national currency.

He noted that rising inflation rates, skyrocketing food prices, and rising transportation costs, among other factors, had decreased the value of N30,000 since the minimum wage was last evaluated five years ago.

“What we are asking is who would pay for the subsidies if the Federal Government was unable to do so? What exactly were they doing with our money? “What did they do with all the money they borrowed, the ways and means that went over 23 trillion naira?” he questioned.

The Federal Government must explain to Nigerians how the borrowed funds were used and why the nation has such a high debt load, according to the Labour leader.

He asserted that the only good for which the general public received subsidies had been eliminated. declaring that individuals are the targets.

“Nigerians are experiencing a great deal of misery, and it is incredibly challenging and unpleasant. What concrete contributions have you made while pleading with others to tighten their purse strings? What part did the political elite have in the current economic crisis that our country is going through?

In order to avoid pushing Nigerians into the streets at the least provocation and telling them to tighten their belts while they loosen their own, he stated, “They need to also provide explanations to Nigerians.”

The head of the TUC remarked that these problems serve as the starting point for discussions the union is holding in the subcommittees in order to develop a position that will lessen the suffering of Nigerians.

The Federal Government had resumed talks on methods to lessen the effects of the elimination of the gasoline subsidy on Nigerians on Monday with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the TUC.

Following a meeting with federal government representatives on June 5, the labor unions decided to call off their upcoming strike in protest of the elimination of the gasoline subsidy.

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