July 24, 2024

“I’m Not An Afrobeats Performer,” Wizkid Says of His Upcoming Album “Morayo”

Wizkid, the popular Nigerian musician, has announced his departure from the Afrobeats genre.

The musician, who is well-known for his tunes that reach the top of the charts and his captivating live performances, has shared his newest album, “Morayo,” on Instagram. However, this isn’t just any album—it’s a moving ode to his late mother, Jane Dolapo Balogun, who passed away in August 2023.

With his sixth studio album, Ayo Balogun aims to stray from the well-known Afrobeats sound.

Prior to his worldwide breakthrough song, “Ojuelegba,” which shot him to fame, he regularly hooked Wizkid FC with his hooks from “Hola at Your Boy” to “Pakurumo” and other smashes.

The “Essence” crooner also issued a challenge to music lovers: if they want the same kind of music from the artists that influenced his career, take him off their playlist.

Wizkid stated rather clearly in a string of open Instagram stories that he is not an Afrobeats musician. He no longer fits the genre that formerly characterized him. “‘Morayo’ is the album name—the best I’ve ever made,” he declared. “I’m not an Afrobeats artist. I’m not of African descent.

Remarkably, Wizkid is hardly the only Nigerian musician challenging genre conventions. Superstar Burna Boy, who prefers to call to himself as “Afro fusion,” has also distanced himself from the Afrobeats moniker.

Wizkid’s audacious decision has provoked fervent discussions on social media. On social media, people have supported Afrobeats and respected Wizkid’s freedom to change.

One thing is certain while we wait for the release of “Morayo”: Wizkid has had a tremendous music career and continues to have supporters as he changes directions in his life. Let’s put aside labels and anticipate what Wizkid refers to as “the best I ever made,” regardless of whether you’re an ardent Afrobeats fan or just a general music enthusiast.

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