July 21, 2024

Man incarcerated after one of his friends killed the female he had raped in his apartment while he was at work

According to reports, a Nigerian guy is imprisoned in Warri for the horrific crime that his pals committed in his flat.

An X user who published the story claimed to have visited the prison in 2018 and heard the inmate tell how he received two visits from pals, dropped them off at his house, and then left to go to work. When the police eventually apprehended him, they learned that a girl had been raped by his buddies in his flat and that the girl had since passed away.

In 2018, I had a meeting with a prisoner in Warri. I don’t remember the length of the sentence he received right now, but I do recall his narrative.

He resided in a studio apartment. One day, he was visited by two of his buddies; after they departed, he went to work. Police detained him at his apartment the following day. It seems that while he was out, his two friends had a girl over and sexually assaulted her in his room.

In order to summarize the tale. The girl passed away soon after, his buddies fled, and he remains incarcerated.

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