July 21, 2024

NNPC finds an additional 165 illicit refineries.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited reported last week that it had discovered an additional 165 illicit refineries spread throughout the Niger Delta.

A documentary by the NNPC states that between June 15 and 21, the government and private security agencies received reports of approximately 400 instances of oil theft and vandalism.

According to reports, 69 unauthorized connections were found and cut in the states of Bayelsa and Rivers.

It reported that there were eight instances of oil spills reported throughout the region as a result of vandalism or unauthorized connections.

There were rumors of the discovery of an illegal loading point in Warri, Delta State.

The NNPC revealed that it was allegedly possible to find and demolish 69 illicit refineries spread throughout a number of swamps in Okrika, Rivers State. According to reports, work on the “oven” that was being built illegally to refine crude oil has stopped.

In the states of Abia and Bayelsa, comparable refining sites were found in various locations.

According to NNPC, 19 illicit storage facilities in the states of Delta, Imo, Rivers, Abia, and Bayelsa were found to be stocked with stolen crude and illegally refined products.

It further stated that 39 boats carrying stolen crude were seized in Rivers, Delta, and Bayelsa States, and 11 vehicles were seized in Delta, Akwa-Ibom, and Bayelsa States.

It also stated that eight people had been taken into custody in relation to the incidents.

Mele Kyari, the chief executive officer of the NNPCL Group, recently emphasized the necessity of combating insecurity in the oil and gas industry in order to boost output.

According to Kyari, vandalism and oil theft are the main causes of the country’s declining crude oil production.

“How can oil production be increased? Eliminate the security risk associated with our onshore assets. The security challenge is real, as we are all aware. The availability of the infrastructure to deliver the volume to the market is more important than theft alone.

“If someone knows that oil production won’t reach the market, they won’t invest money in it.” We have eliminated more than 5,800 unauthorized connections from our pipelines in the last two years. More than 6,000 illicit refineries were demolished. Until that issue is resolved, it is impossible to convince people to contribute money, Kyari stated.

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