July 23, 2024

Rapper Lil Wayne asserts that no performer can compete with him on the Versus stage.

One of the best rappers alive, Lil Wayne, has brashly asserted that no performer can compete with him on the Versus stage.

The American rapper named the artist he would like to face in a Verzuz showdown during an interview with Rolling Stone. The rapper delivered an odd response when asked who he would like to compete against.

“I was curious to see Mixtape Weezy take on Lil Wayne. That would have been absurd, remarked Wayne.

“So you’d be onstage by yourself?” the journalist said in response.


“Yeah. What do you think about other artists? Wayne retaliated. “Bro, there isn’t another performer who can share the stage with me. I apologize.


Fans have been waiting for Lil Wayne to take part in a Verzuz bout in addition to Jay-Z. But the issue still stands: who would be a respectable challenger for him?

Wiz Khalifa entered the fray in December 2022 by stating that he would be interested in competing against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz match.


In an interview, Wiz said to DJ Superstar Jay, “I think that would be fun.” Wayne is an extremely good performer, therefore that’s why. He and I are bouncing bangers back and forth. That would be challenging. And we both puff some serious cannabis. That would be more like a concert than a Verzuz, in my opinion.

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