July 21, 2024

The Labour Party’s sole platform for Peter Obi to win an election in 2027

According to the Labour Party, Peter Obi can only run and win the 2027 presidential election on the platform provided by the party.

This was said by the party’s National Vice Chairman, Ayo Olorunfemi, in an interview that aired on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Wednesday.
Remember that some of the members of Obi’s Obidient support group were pressuring him to leave the Labour Party, which he ran for president under in the 2023 election, due to internal strife following the election and in advance of the 2027 elections.

In response to the request that Obi leave the celebration, Olorunfemi stated that it is true that Obi’s guests won’t recommend that he do so.

“Well, I’ll just use the word delusional; those that are pushing for such are delusional,” Olorunfemi remarked. Some people have a tendency to overreach; among them are the real Obidients, who refuse to suggest that Peter Obi quit the role.

Which political party would he join if the genuine Obidients—student unions, Nigerian youth, and industrious Nigerians—are fed up with the country’s current state of affairs and hunger? Returning to PDP, APC, or somewhere else?

We are a political party founded on ideas; we identify as social democrats. The constitution makes it clear that social Democrats are the ones who founded this political party. Therefore, the Labour Party is the only location where Peter Obi can win the election in 2027, and we are getting ready for it.

According to Olorunfemi, the former governor of Anambra State is still the best president Nigeria has ever had, and with God’s blessing, he will win in 2027.

He expressed optimism that the Labour Party would emerge from its crisis stronger, stating that Julius Abure’s leadership will battle for the party’s unity and peace and welcome the Lamidi Apapa camp back into the fold.

He stated that Apapa and Abayomi Arambabi are still party members and that the reconciliation process is still in progress.

In order to fill several posts that were unfilled at the previous convention, Olorunfemi stated that the party might hold a special convention.

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