July 21, 2024

The Lagos government’s attempts to combat yearly flooding are “pedestrian,” according to Rhodes-Vivour

In the midst of the ongoing flooding that has devastated areas of Lagos, Mr. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has criticized the state government’s response to the threat.

Following Wednesday’s intense rains, numerous automobiles and homes were flooded, leaving millions of commuters and workers stranded in various parts of the state.

The Labour Party’s candidate for governor of Lagos in 2023, Rhodes-Vivour, criticized the state administration the day following the tragedy for not doing enough to control the recurring floods.

On Channels Television’s The Morning Brief, he declared, “The solutions that we have seen with this state government in the last 24 years have been very pedestrian.”

“You should not put rubbish in your gutters because they are there, but what is your waste management policy? How did you make your local government aware of it? Given that garbage may be turned into profit, how have you made incentives for individuals to manage their waste?

“How are your gutters covered? How have your canal management systems been localized? How have you engaged your local governments and CDAs? Local governments these days merely function as political parties’ extensions. In the game, they don’t have any schemes.

Lagos Government Issues An Apology
Tokunbo Wahab, the Lagos State Commissioner of Environment and Water Resources, made an appearance on the program with the LP flagbearer.

Wahab apologized to the locals and commuters while providing an update on the floods.

He argued that the government’s lack of preparation was not the cause of the floods.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused due to nature’s cause yesterday morning,” the commissioner began by addressing the people of Lagos.

“What happened yesterday wasn’t the result of poor planning. No, nature was simply taking its course. We also express our regret for those whose lives were upended, since they were unable to attend their jobs, marketplaces, or educational institutions.

The state’s economic activity were impeded by hours of intense rain, resulting in traffic jams and stranded commuters.

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