July 24, 2024

Woman calls for ban on ‘liquid BBLs’ after botched procedure left her with leaking black holes from her buttocks (Photos)

A single mother in the UK has demanded that “liquid BBLs” be outlawed following a disastrous operation that left her buttocks bleeding black holes and in excruciating pain that she compared to childbirth.

Monique Sofroniou, a 30-year-old London resident, allegedly scheduled a procedure to increase her posterior following a “Brazilian Butt Lift” in 2021. To get her ideal look, the aesthetician paid £3,000 for a non-surgical procedure that involved injecting one litre of filler into each bum cheek.

However, Monique found it “weird” that she was sent to a nearby hotel for the hour-long filler treatment when she arrived for her appointment in September 2022. Later that night, she saw her butt was “very red,” “swollen,” and had fevered to 41 degrees Celsius.

Monique was informed that she had sepsis when she was hurried to A&E right away.
She remembered: “I was very dizzy after the surgery, and when I woke up that night, I felt sick all over.”

“I was feeling really sick.” Even though my temperature was 41, I was shivering from the extreme cold. I spent the entire night unwell.

My posterior was swelled and extremely red in the vicinity of the filler’s visible location. It was simply becoming more and more crimson.
After receiving an antibiotic drip for a week at the hospital, I was sent home with oral antibiotics.

“It just kept getting worse and worse until I woke up and noticed fluid-filled blister bumps on my body.”

“I felt sick, so I didn’t want to look at it.” I had to put cold packs on it since it was so searing, but even just touching it with the ice pack caused pain. It stung and burned.

“I’ve given birth, and this was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

The procedure necessitates the removal of abdominal fat.
Monique scheduled the operation based on a friend’s recommendation, not realizing it would take place at a nearby hotel instead of a clinic.
“I didn’t know it wasn’t going to be done in a clinic,” she admitted.I thought, “Oh this is a bit weird,” since they met me when I arrived [at the address] and guided me to a motel across the street.

I realize now that I should have said “no” and left at that moment, but since I knew a lot of people who had visited the place before, I assumed everything would work out.

“I assumed filler would be a less invasive procedure because it isn’t meant to be harmful.”

She was sent to Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s A&E in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, the morning following the injections.

The single mother was informed that she had sepsis and that the doctor had utilized non-dissolvable silicone instead of the more common filler material, hyaluronic acid.

When the body attacks its own organs and tissues in response to an infection, sepsis results.

The mother spent a week in the hospital before returning home, but her reprieve was fleeting.

She was shocked to see that the injected filler was seeping out of her bum and had become black.

Monique clarified, “A surgeon syringed out some of the stuff to see what it was.”

While he was doing it, I sobbed in agony and told him to stop because it was too terrible.

“I returned home with a plaster covering the tiny puncture he had made in one of the blisters; the material was filler infused with blood.”

When I woke up the following morning, the skin had virtually turned black and the area had caved in on itself where he had made the hole to syringe out some things.
It was terrible; I felt sick and didn’t even want to look. I thought, “Oh my God, what is going on?” because it was so strange.

The surgeon expressed his belief that the reason behind it was probably because too much filler was injected and left no space for it to escape.

“My skin died because there was too much pressure on it; that filler just needed to come out somewhere.”

They failed to inform me that it was not soluble. I never would have had it done if they had.

As a result of the horrific experience, Monique’s buttocks are permanently scarred.
The mother is now sharing her experience in an effort to push for stricter rules or perhaps the “banned” of the “high risk” surgery.

“Even though I’m furious, I know there are other people going through much worse,” she remarked, demonstrating her strength.

I only want to raise awareness because I believe there should be more regulation; I’m not looking for pity. Although I don’t think it will be prohibited, I do believe it ought to be.

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