July 19, 2024

Eagles lack a Dynamic Midfielder Yusuf

Good players typically don’t need to win three or four games to establish their worth. It only takes ninety minutes to demonstrate what they are made of.

Alhassan Yusuf, the Super Eagles’ player of the moment, just needed one game to establish himself as a vital member of the team.

This modest athlete utilized the first game of the team’s tournament campaign against Equatorial Guinea as a springboard to make his name and likeness memorable to the nation’s football stakeholders.

Following the 1-1 match, Yusuf raised eyebrows as many anticipated his participation in the rematch against the host Cote d’Ivoire.

Sadly, Yusuf was unable to play in the pivotal match between the Super Eagles and the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire, which the Super Eagles won 1-0, due to the knock he sustained in the draw with Equatorial Guinea.

Naturally, even though the Eagles won, Yusuf’s absence from that game was noticeable. Since he is currently the only box-to-box midfielder the Super Eagles have in this competition, his absence left a hole that is challenging for any player to fill.

He is an aggressive, vivacious player who runs ceaselessly, covering all midfield area. Because he understands his opponents’ thinking and timing the ball well, Yusuf intercepts passes with ease. He is a ball winner, and he releases the ball to his teammates without hesitation after successfully picking it up.

Yusuf is a forward-playing player who hardly ever passes to or behind the center defenders. This player is that brilliant. He rarely makes passes that go wrong. Whether the ball is on the ground or in an airborne competition, he never loses balls.

When playing Cote d’Ivoire, the Super Eagles did, in fact, miss Yusuf. His midfield teammates appeared disoriented and devoid of defensive strategies. The vast expanse of space separating the attackers and midfielders was unoccupied by any.

This distance made it easy for the gamers to lose interest. They ran out of gas, which gave the home team unrestricted movement in the midfield. Yusuf’s absence was the obvious cause of the pressure the Eagles defense was under.

The Super Eagles have a new midfield general, and we don’t need a soothsayer to declare that. It is the coaches’ responsibility to make the most of the player that many have come to refer to as N’Golo Kante. If this squad wants to succeed, Jose Peseiro might be thanking his stars for finding this player, who will undoubtedly be an important component and player.

With any luck, Yusuf will play against Guinea Bissau in the last group match. His presence is essential to the team’s success as it will help them win and advance to the next round.

Yusuf will need to lube the Super Eagles’ engine room with his breezy yet powerful display if they are to defeat Guinea Bissau. He will be in the middle of the field when the Eagles play their next opponent, providing the defense line with coverage and the forwards with support to subdue their opponents.

Nigerians are hoping that Yusuf will be starting for the Super Eagles in the upcoming game and for the remainder of the tournament.

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