July 23, 2024

Guardiola wants charges from the Premier League resolved “as soon as possible.”

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, says he wants the club to be dealt with “as soon as possible” over the more than 100 Premier League complaints brought against it for suspected financial irregularities.

115 alleged rule violations between 2009 and 2018 led to City, who are currently enjoying their third straight English top-flight title, being submitted to an impartial panel in February.

The club has also been accused by the Premier League of refusing to cooperate since an inquiry began in December 2018.

The seriousness of the allegations, which the club vehemently denies, and the gravity of the consequences of a conviction imply that the case may take some time.

Guardiola does not want a question mark over his team’s accomplishments this season as they pursue a trophy treble, and he wants a resolution as quickly as possible.

The Catalan, who is under contract to the team through 2025, insisted he would stay put as long as the accusations are unresolved.

On the eve of Wednesday’s game against Brighton, he remarked, “What I would like is if the Premier League and judges could make something as soon as possible, then if we have done something wrong everyone will know it.”

And if we act in accordance with our long-held club beliefs, the public will stop bringing up this topic.

“We would like it tomorrow, but we prefer it this afternoon.

“I’m hoping they aren’t too busy so the judges can see both sides and decide what is best because, in the end, I know what we won, we won fairly on the pitch and we don’t have any doubts,” she said.

The Abu Dhabi United Group’s 2008 ownership of City resulted in significant changes on and off the field, and the team has since frequently been in the news about financial matters.

For violating UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules, the club was fined 60 million euros ($64 million) in 2014.

The governing body of European football expelled them from UEFA tournaments in February 2020 due to “serious breaches” of the rules regulating financial fair play.

The sanction was overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport later that year but CAS ruled that City had obstructed investigations and the club were fined 10 million euros.





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