July 25, 2024

NANS problems MultiChoice has seven days to drop the price increase.

The South-west Zone of the National Association of Nigerian Students has reacted to MultiChoice Nigeria’s proposed increase in the cost of DSTV and GOTV subscriptions.

The body set the cable TV company a seven-day deadline to change its mind.

Deputy Coordinator Alao John, Public Relations Officer Opeoluwa Awoyinfa, and Coordinator Adejuwon Olatunji of the student association announced this in a statement on Tuesday.

Recall that MultiChoice had informed its subscribers via text messages that the pricing for its DSTV and GOTV bundles would be increasing by 17%. also specified that the new rates would go into effect on May 1, 2023, and also gave an explanation of why there had been an increase in expenditures for business operations.

NANS responded by claiming that the South African corporation was exploiting and impoverishing Nigerians without taking into account their way of living.

It emphasized the need for tariffs to be assessed on a “pay as you view” basis.

“Today, we are aware that Multi Choice Digital Satellite has increased its tariffs without taking the standard of living of Nigerians into account,” the NANS statement said. We have also waited a long time to see if the same corporation will heed the cries of Nigerians for a “pay-as-you-view” pricing, yet the opposite is true.

“Now is the moment to urge the National Broadcasting Commission to reinstate its statute governing the commission’s authority to oversee the ownership, operations, and activities of Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers. Since its establishment in 1995, DSTV has been one of the top direct-to-home service providers in Nigeria. With more than 25 million members, which makes up its largest market, DSTV has also seen significant financial success.

“We want the Federal Government to implement the pay-as-you-view system and to ram through their proposed tariff escalation plan. We are aware that DSTV uses a pay-as-you-go price scheme in other nations,” said NANS.

According to the report, Nigeria accounts for over 45% of the global DSTV market share. It therefore urged the Minister of Communication and the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret. ), to “break the sporting right of MultiChoice” and establish a rival service provider in Nigeria so that “Nigerians can stop being exploited on a daily basis.”

“We hereby give MultiChoice Digital Satellite Television a seven-day ultimatum to reverse the plan of increasing the tariffs and also yield to the call of Nigerians by implementing pay-as-you-view tariffs, or else, we shall be left with no other option but to lock up all DSTV offices until our demands are met, which is the mind of all Nigerians,” the NANS stated in giving the ultimatum.






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