July 21, 2024

Ramsdale: Arsenal won’t give up on the title race.

After allowing Pep Guardiola’s team to close the gap to two points on Wednesday, the Gunners have handed City control of the title battle.

If City wins six of their final seven games, they will win a fifth championship in six seasons with two games remaining.

For Arsenal, April has been a trying month. Three straight draws came before the humiliating loss at the Etihad Stadium.

Ramsdale, the goalkeeper for Arsenal, isn’t quite ready to give up just yet.

“We’re going to be disappointed now, but we haven’t played nine months of Premier League football, and played the way we wanted to play, to give up with five games to go,” he remarked.

“If anything in football is going to happen, it’s going to happen in this league. Stranger things have happened in the Premier League, so it might not matter.

“You see how tight it is at the bottom, and you see how tight it is at the top, so we are going to be pressing every game — with five games remaining, we need to win five games — and we’ll see how it ends at the conclusion of the season. We must not harbor self-pity.

Arsenal suffered their third loss to City this year after being completely destroyed by goals from John Stones, Erling Haaland, and Kevin De Bruyne.

Ramsdale acknowledged that it was disappointing to have such a sloppy start and let City set the pace for the rest of the game.

“Disappointment is the key word,” he declared. “It is a difficult assignment to overcome when you give arguably one of the top teams in the world right now a slight advantage in the game and are 2-0 down at halftime.

We are aware that we are superior to that, but this is also the environment, the group, and the opponent we desire.




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