July 25, 2024

UN Condemns Alleged Attack, Over 30 Civilians Killed in Borno

The reported ambush and cruel execution of more than 30 villagers in Mukdolo village, Ngala Local Government Area, Borno State yesterday have been sharply condemned by the United Nations.

The UN expressed its sincere sympathies to the families of the deceased in a statement on Thursday through its Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Matthias Schmale, and wished the injured who are recovering a swift recovery.

As a result of the fatal attack, which was apparently carried out by an armed gang that has not yet been recognized, several people are also said to have been injured, and more are still missing.

According to sources, the victims of this horrible attack were farmers and fishermen trying to make a living in a dangerous area. These people included both hosts from the neighboring Dikwa Local Government Area and internally displaced people (IDPs).

Prior to the raid, the village of Mukdolo had been abandoned because of the actions of non-state armed organizations.

The UN responded further to the sad development by stating that the attack is yet another horrifying reminder of the ongoing dangers of violence and insecurity that IDPs and other people impacted by the more than 13 years of the non-international armed conflict in the region continue to face on a daily basis in their fight for survival.

The UN reminded all parties to the conflict to uphold their commitments under international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians from harm through its spokesman in Nigeria.

The intergovernmental body also urged state authorities to look into this crime right away and swiftly prosecute those responsible.

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