July 24, 2024

For the Edo State International Film Festival, Obaseki has promised $35,000 in prize money.

A $35,000 prize fund has been promised by Governor Godwin Obaseki for the Edo State International Film Festival.

This will act as a cushion for the state’s creative sector.

At the industry mixer for the festival on Sunday in Lagos State, he pledged to keep the commitment he made.

The governor of Edo pledged to keep assisting the creative sector. In addition, he expressed the state’s desire to challenge Lagos as Africa’s leading creative centre.

Governor Obaseki stated that while the stolen items from Benin do not all need to be returned to their original country, Nigerian ownership of them must be reestablished, even if they are still on show outside.

Prior to the festival later this year, Obaseki also had meetings with Nollywood and creative professionals during the event.

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