July 25, 2024

LP candidates protest N30 million in nomination costs in an Edo poll

Candidates for the Labour Party’s February 22 Edo Governorship Primary rejected the N30 million in fees for nomination papers and Expressions of Interest on Sunday.

A candidate for governorship, Dr. Egbe Omorodion, a financial analyst residing in the UK, informed reporters in Benin that all other candidates had declined the offer and called a meeting for Monday to address the issue.

In order to submit candidacy and expression of interest papers, candidates seeking the September 21 governorship office must pay LP N30 million, the organization declared on January 16.

This was declared at the Abuja meeting of the National Working Committee, which is chaired by Julius Abure.

The NWC added that the forms would need to be submitted and the sale would start between January 25 and February 11.

However, it did not require female candidates to pay for the expression of interest form.

In addition, the party’s national leadership announced that on February 22, the indirect primary would be used to select the party’s nominee for governor.

However, Omorodion, calling the fee “outrageous,” made a plea to the national leadership for a reduction. “As an aspirant, I am saying that this amount is outrageously ridiculous,” he said.

“I interpret this as a plot to silence the voices of people who joined LP sincerely hoping to help the Edo people.

“Why can’t the party leadership lower the fee for the Edo election to N15 million, as it did for the Imo election?”

Omorodion stated, “My argument is that I don’t think this enormous sum should silence my voice or the voices of others who support my project.

“A significant portion of candidates and supporters might grow irate and decide to simply go for a stroll if the party leadership doesn’t budge.”

Omorodion, the LP Chairman for the UK chapter, warned that if the party’s leadership didn’t reverse its decision, his voice and the voices of many of his supporters might be silenced.

The candidate claimed to be uniquely qualified to rescue Edo from its financial predicament.

“The Edo people might not get the chance to realize my dream and aspirations to advance the state,” he continued.

Yes, the fee has not pleased other applicants either. On Monday, we’re going to meet.

He stated, “Hopefully, we can come to a decision on the subject.”

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