July 23, 2024

Inter’s Martinez envisions winning both the World Cup and the Champions League.

Six months after Argentina’s World Cup victory, Lautaro Martinez stated on Friday that he hopes to complete a perfect season by helping Inter Milan win the Champions League.

The 25-year-old will attack with either Romelu Lukaku or Edin Dzeko in Istanbul when his club takes on Manchester City as heavy underdogs.

With 11 goals in his past 13 games, Martinez—who was also just married—has helped Inter earn a top-four finish in Serie A, win the Italian Cup, and advance to the biggest event in club football. Martinez is in excellent form going into Saturday’s final.

With 28 goals across all competitions and three trophies to his credit, the player known as “The Bull” is eager to commemorate yet another significant victory in what has been a remarkably successful season.

Martinez told reporters, “I believe those (the World Cup and Champions League finals) are the two most significant games you can play, and the only thing that varies is the shirt you’re wearing.

“The feelings and the need to get there are the same. It is the outcome of the effort we did all year. We must be prepared for the supporters and the club since we have reached the final.

We are aware that given their individual and group strengths, Manchester City is a very difficult team to play against. We’re prepared to put in a lot of effort to undermine their efforts in order to get the upper hand.

“It’s been a really good season for me overall. I participated in the World Cup six months ago, and here I am playing Manchester City in the Champions League final. I’m happy with how this season has gone and how I’ve performed, and I hope we can finish it off in the greatest way.

‘Special match’ – 

Hakan Calhanoglu, the captain of Turkey, is slated to start in Inter’s midfield and is daydreaming about winning the Champions League on home soil.

If Inter shock strong favorites City, the 29-year-old will become the first Turkish player to win Europe’s top club title.

Ilkay Gundogan, a midfielder for Germany who is sprung from Turkish immigrants and has opted to play for his native nation, will be his opponent.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be competing in my home county’s championship game. As a Turkish player, I aim to capture the cup with the support of my nation and people, stated Calhanoglu.

“This is a special game; it’s unusual for me to play in Istanbul. Since it might not happen again, I want to savor this time.

“I am aware of my supporters’ presence… Since I would be the first Turkish player to win the Champions League, I believe it is more important for them that I win than Ilkay.











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