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LP crisis: Abure should be avoided as it carries a moral leprosy — NLC



The embattled national chairman of the Labour Party, Mr. Julius Abure, was accused on Friday by the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC Political Commission, of having moral leprosy and should be avoided.

Furthermore, according to the NLC Political Commission, Mr. Abure is no longer the opposition party’s chairman.
Following Mr. Abure’s claim that the NLC stole funds intended to pay workers’ salaries when they picketed the party headquarters in Abuja, the political wing of the labor movement has responded.


The labor movement intends to initiate a private legal process against Mr. Abure, citing “his (Abure) cup of moral rascality, administrative indiscretion and political incompetence overflows,” according to a statement released by Comrade Comrade Chris Uyot, Secretary, NLC Political Commission. “While Julius Abure’s silhouette hides from the law… He leaves behind a trail of lies, treachery, and infamy,” reads the statement’s title.

It says as follows: “Mr. Julius Abure’s silhouette continues to hide from the long arms of the law over various allegations and charges bordering on criminality following this week’s successful takeover of Labour Party Secretariats nationwide by the Nigeria Labour Congress, who are the real owners of the party.”


“It is regrettable that Mr. Abure has chosen the cowardly stance of crouching in the underbrush of shame, lies, treachery, and infamy to lay fictitious claims against a dignified, focused, and honorable institution like the Nigeria Labour Congress, rather than bravely coming out to defend himself against several fingers pointing in his direction.

“It is important to first clarify that Mr. Julius Abure is no longer the Labour Party Chairman. Second, his most recent letter is pitiful and cynical, claiming that staff salaries were stolen as a result of workers, the party’s legitimate owners, successfully seizing control of the Labour Party Secretariat.


“It is regrettable that Mr. Abure has given himself up to the public’s mockery, serving as a living example of how an unrepentant liar, a blind usurper, a cowardly traitor, and a serial scammer thinks.

Numerous police officers, State Security Service agents, and journalists, including television crews, witnessed the retaking of Labour Party secretariats across the nation.


The implication of Mr. Abure’s false allegation is that numerous journalists, law enforcement officials, and other security personnel who witnessed the nonviolent visit by the Nigeria Labour Congress Political Commission were complicit in the act of petit theft.

“We anticipate that this egregious act of defamation will be added to the extensive list of offenses committed by Mr. Abure by the Nigeria Police and other security agencies.”Not a single tear gas canister was fired during the nationwide peaceful retake of Labour Party secretariats because the picketing was carried out in accordance with the NLC’s peaceful protest stance and philosophy.


Abure’s fabrication of such blatant lies demonstrates to Nigerians that he is morally repugnant and should be shunned at all costs. Abure’s inconsistent narrative—which ranges from claims of missing billions to theft of workers’ salaries and destruction of valuables—clearly validates our previous evaluation of him as a floundering political aspirant.


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